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Since Halloween is coming up, I thought it was appropriate to post this for everyone's enjoyment – a downloadable PDF of Famous Monsters of. FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #33 - Magazine. A classic FM from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman! With the exception of a stamp on the cover. У меня большая коллекция журналов Cinefantastique в pdf формате. of Filmland. Famous Monsters of Filmland (Karloff Memorial) ().cbr. 41 МБ.

And then, out of the blue, came issue 4. Issue 3 was fairly easily procured by that very same newsagent, but it seemed nobody could lay hands on that elusive second number.

Being a completist, even at that age, this unsettled me. My collection, which I still have in pristine condition, was incomplete. Eventually, as if to tease, the publishers ran a back issues order advert in one of the later editions.

Oh, no! How could that be? Oh, well, at least we now knew that it existed, and what it looked like. But did it really exist? The much sought-after issue 2 of Monster Mag is now finally available as a reprint The answer was a little more complex than we could ever have imagined. Monster Mag was printed in Italy and, upon its arrival into the UK, issue 2 was deemed unfit for human consumption by an overzealous HM Customs office, who promptly destroyed every copy.

Undeterred, founder and Dr Who scripter Roger Cook pressed on with Monster Mag until issue 14 when, after a short break, it was revived by the young entrepreneurial editor Dez Skinn, until it was superseded by the award-winning House of Hammer in Timings conspired to stop this happening — that much anticipated issue was never published. Until now. Finally, after a forty-one year wait, the much sought-after, digitally remastered issue 2 of Monster Mag is available.

I caught up with Dez Skinn, who has joined forces with original Monster Mag editor Roger Cook to bring about this phenomenon, to find out what was behind this momentous and exciting decision.

He tracked me down through my website two years ago after us being out of touch since the late s. No internet, so no emails or websites… just how did one go about promoting and selling magazines back in those days? Great drinking buddy Charlie Harness then circulated a thousand run-offs of the first issue cover along with a simple black and white trade letter with a cut-off coupon at the bottom.

We then waited for orders to come in. And they did, 72, of them! No TV ads, no stupid covermounts aka: crap free gifts , nothing.

Of course hero Don Sullivan has to get in there and pitch, pitch woo to heroine Jeanne Carmen and pitch woe to the Piedras Blancas beast. The film, a fast-paced hour and 12 minutes in length, is said to be the kind of stark entertainment that keeps an audience on the seat of its edge, with Jack Kevan giving an outstanding performance in the role of the monster he created. Now from the Piedras Blancas beast we turn our attention to graver matters.

Monsters brings you the story.

So what more natural than that wizard of make-up should do' an ooze-. Kenne Duncan appears as Dr. Acula, the phony medium who conjures up more than he bargained for.

Beautiful Valda Hansen plays the haunting role of. From the accompanying fotos it's obvious that Kevan has come up with another great oceanie monster like the Gill Man. Now I tell a tale of the Threshold People, so astounding some of you may faint. This is a story of those in the twilight time once human,. Monsters to be pitied cemetery. Monsters to be despised. They wind up in the hospital in a state of hysteria. The police are called to investigate, and young Kelton complains: Why do I always get picked for these screwy details?

Acuta consults his crystal ball and sees forebodings of danger from which the White Ghost cringes in horror. Bradford approaches and raps at the door of the eerie mansion; it is opened by the mysterious Dr. Bradford palms himself off as one who has come to the great spirit medium to make' contact with the soul of a loved one. Bradford is led below ground level to the Resurrection Chamber. A bell tolls midnight, and the Black Ghost and the White pass each other's paths.

The White Ghost screams, and as her shrill cry startles Bradford, Dr. Acula explains:. She died two centuries ago.

One of the first I was able to contact and raise. Darmoor, who is paying Dr. Acula to bring his wife back from the dead, enters and has a discussion with the medium, which results in both Darmoor and Bradford being shown a glimpse of the woman soon to be revived. Outside, Kelton arrives on the scene. His arrival does not go unnoticed by Lobo, who lurks inside the house. Kelton encounters the Black Ghost and empties his gun at her in terror.

Inside, Dr. Acula is faking the resurrection of Wingate Foster. Even tho it is fake, the revival of the "spirit" is eerie. After the revival, the White Ghost comes secretly to Dr. Acula and complains that she she thinks she has been is getting scared seeing a real ghost. Acula roars: In the mist, in the swamp nearby, under the hanging vines of the trees, The Black Ghost briefly appears. Bradford has taken the opportunity to sneak around the scary house, running into all sorts of weird things.

But so far he hasn't bumped into Lobo. Bradford discovers a strange room with a waxen female figure that gives him the feeling it might be a half-alive vampire. It was only a dummy, a nothing, says the vdHce of the narrator, but feeling so alive. What was this strange sensation he felt for the earthbound, unearthly creature ivho could not move or speak. Two more policemen arrive on the scene, and the phony swami and his fake-ghost girlfriend try to get out of there on the double.

But now comes the really horrible part. In fooling around the outskirts of the Supernatural, this trickster Karl real name of Dr. Acula has roused real forces terrors man was not meant to tempt. Seeking to escape thru the mortuary, Dr.

Acula and White Ghost run into a crowd of. Suddenly the unliving vampire's lips draw back, exposing white, shining, sharp teeth in a menacing smile. She beckons to him, but Bradford shakes off his paralysis and bolts from the room in horror. He runs. Their grave clothes are rotten rags. Yet they move, these zombies from the zero-world, in a horrifying fashion. The leader commands the attention of Dr. Acula "Your powers were even greater than you yourself realized.

You have brought us back from the grave. Once each 13 years, when called by a strong medium such as you, we are given a brief 12 hours of freedom from our deep pit of darkness. Those hours are nearly gone. We must return to the grave. Acula to Lobo. Acula discovers Bradford is a policeman and decides he will have to kill him.

He tells Lobo to take Bradford to the private mortuary. Meanwhile Kelton arrives at the mystery mansion and creeps inside just in time to see Dr.

Acula putting on a fake seance.

He breaks up the seance but does not notice. Lobo sneaking up behind him until it is -too late. In the struggle, Lobo is wounded in the chest but since when could a mere bullet ever stop Lobo? Lobo knocks Kelton un-. Acula, as he. The otherworldly ones surround him and drown out his screams for help. They carry him to the now empty coffin and deposit him there. He is ready for. Unnoticed, the fake ghost-girl has rushed where out of the house toward the swamp she runs into the real Black Ghost.

The Black Ghost lures her into the swamp, and to her death. Inside the house of horror, the police are find on the floor of the baffled by what they mortuary: Criswell rises from his coffin his coffin, which he permitted to be photographed for the first time in this picand even Lobo is frightened.

The bearded corpse with the handcuff looks somehow familiar to the Frenkens, but they cannot place the face. It looks like the briefcase had been handcuffed to him, and that he was therefore very likely an important person.

His body is smashed to pulp but his head seems quite in one undamaged piece. On the other hand, the body of a huge man is found a few moments later, with a horribly crushed face but otherwise whole. Bluebeard's murder-mad. But the Frenkens don't know it. As the "man" is nursed back to strength, Marlene Frenken feels uneasy about him as well she may. When he's up and about he makes two or three attempts to kill her, like he did all the others, but makes it look like accidents.

One time.

Famous Monsters of Filmland 1966 Yearbook

Another time he almost drowns her in the well while they're fetching water. But Dr. Frenken dismisses all as coincidence or imagination on his wife's part. At last the secret monster is driven to try outright murder.

By choking. While the Frenkens are asleep. His wife has some misgivings about his plan, but, after all, he isn't a mad scientist, suggesting the experiment for an evil purpose; no, he genuinely hopes to save what appears to be a very valuable human life. So the Frenkens drag the bearded body and the heavy one back to their laboratory and there, by candlelight, since the rocket ripped the power-lines out, the eerie brain transplantation takes place.

Additionally, the doctor injects the body with his potent serum, rhodomoline, to bring the body and brain back to life. As the once-dead man's eyes flicker open, the scene abruptly changes to Newspaper in the hands of Pierre and Arlene, who are reading about the crash that has separated Arlene from her parents. On the front page is an easily recognized foto of a fatal face the one just brought back to life but it is not a great good man, it is the notorious Gaston Garou, the modern Bluebeard!

His murder victims numbered 25! Frenken awakes as the monster grabs her about the throat. Her husband leaps from bed and fights Bluebeard all over the lab, which is wrecked. Frenken pumps six bullets into the monster without effect. He later realizes the life-restoring rhodomoline must have been more powerful than he had imagined. The Bluebeard-beast jumps out the window and escapes into the snow while Dr. Frenken says dazedly to his wife, "Strange a woman once wrote a book about such a thing.

About a hundred years ago, I think. I remember seeing movies they made about it when I was younger. From dead bodies he took from graves or the gallows he fashioned a man and brought him to lifeonly to have his creature become a destroying demon. They said it was soulless, that he had meddled with things men should leave aione. Now dead men, on wings of flame, fell out of the sky at my feet, and I put them together and created a modern Frankenstein!

Where could the blood have gone?

And apparently the wolf was not killed in a fight with another wolf, for what are those manprints leading away from the body? The teeners stop Arlene is. When Arlene manages to scream, Pierre is aroused and starts off to rescue her. This chase leads up to a ski slide and one of the most thrilling fights and finishes ever. At the end, the Bluebeai'd Frankenstein has the young girl Arlene in his arms and is at the top' of the slide, and goes ski-ing down it! As he flies thru.

Write a letter to a Studio! Go ahead, don't be afraid pick out your favorite. Write to Paramount or Warner Bros or AmericanInternational or whoever you think would do the best job. Tell them you read about stein. And while you're at it, make suggestions as to who you'd like to see in the cast. Tor Johnson as the Bluebeard Frankenstein? Christopher Lee? Who would you pick to play the teenagers? Brigitte Bardot? Russ Tamblyn? Be an Assistant Producer. Dear Dr Aculo: Here's my blood money!

Robert Lansing's young and handsome face has begun To disintegrate due to his trips through the 4th dimenwhich is the reason he's going all to pieces in these pix. Kiss him and see the Other World Tony Harris, age 13, is credited with helping his Pop, Jack Harris, dream up this Kissof-Death Man who can walk through walls but, vampire-like, needs the life force of others to keep himself from becoming a.

Watch for this corpse-maker, but don't get too close as you value your life! Sorry, nc CO. Moil only 12, together witr your name i.

Here is a set of stationery no self-respecting monster would dare be without. We pay postage. Four great stories come zooming right out at you: More realistic than or the movies! Made of Intra rubber and horribly painted,, these "feet" will frighten all. Create a riot wherever you wear them. Full price only 1. Resembles the "cry of the werewolf. Perfect for secret club memben.

Genuine optic glass lenses let you see for miles! Mysterious focusing device brings in object quickly, ac. You tell the gang what you've seen. They're astounded! You proudly put Binoculars back into special weatherproof carrying case! This horrifying heavy rubber mask was worn by our Frankenstein on the cover, of Famous Mon-.

Has red silver bolts on neck forehead. Circle No. We will present items about Monsters and Monster-Lovers over world. Please feel free to comment about this section, oh Lover of Monsters. So that's what they do at meetings? Vice Presidcnl. Oakhurst, N. Says he has difficulty pinning the button on his scaly, rough skin. But he has solved the problem by heating the button red hot and burning it onto his forehead.

What Monster-Lovers won't go through! Woman en the left the famous Widow of Bela Lggesi, and next to her is Richard Sheffield, wearing the very robe that Counl is. If you live in N. Many readers have wanted to know who was the first person to join our that. Raised in Transylvania. Sleeps during the daytime. This cat belongs in Hollywood, where we can star him in a picture called "I Was.

No wonder the postoffiee hates us! Michael Gold, ? One was taken before and another immediately after reading magazine. We know just how you. Bob's address: This column can not be without your help.

Famous Monsters of Filmland 003 1959 Warren Publishing

Your "Monster News" will appear in this column. Upsal Street Philadelphia 50, Penna. Hurry up get out paper and pen, and scratch, you fiends! Yours Gruely,.

Ted Rose, Box , Ookhurst, N. Speaking You should be clubbed! But do. Monster a ma If your orbs have been in orbit- while you have been getting an eyeful of the gleeful ghouls and mickey monsters in this issue of Have Monster, Will Grovel alias Famous Monsters , you should be able to answer all the questions If you make a single mistake, it must be because you bought a copy of the wrong monster magazine, and that was a grave mistake indeed. Consider all questions carefully, and think twice before answering, especially if it is the doorbell ringing and it is a dark night: It might be Count Dracuia, and then your life as well as his would be like a wooden stick thru the heart at stake!

If you don't know the answers offhand, try off-claw. It is perfectly permissable to download back.

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If you get all the questions correct, you may become Editor of Famous Monsters. Then, again, you may not, as the Editor needs to be fed to remain undead, and as Vampira. Send your entries not to be confused with entrails to the Department of the Interior. That's located in Cannibal Land. Address to the Main Pots Office, and mail ghost-haste, but if the potsman rings twice at your front door and invites you to take potluck with him, better tell him. The Prize this issue is a bottle of perfume from Skunksland.

Where is Skunksland? Eight thousand miles away, wherever you are! Straight down! At the Scenter of the Earth! If you miss a question, don't confess your shame to your best friend at school the next day or he may not share his shocklate cake with you from his lunch pale. Go down to the Memory Bank and make an immediate withdrawal. Pick two and throw away only one is right. Robert Young? Loretta Young? Egg Foo Young? True or false: Wallace Bury, 6. I Bury Ford, Razz Bury. What a cast!

False note or true? OF is the star of true or false. This is the best issue yet of Famous Monsters no doubt! Gaga Gabor.

Horror Magazine

Whoever his parents were, they sure made a moj key out of Joe. Ask Rin-Tin-Tin. Did you bite on this one? Don't look now, 'but you've just had your league l. Well, it wasn't Fay Wray. It was Frank Lee O'Weiner. And I'll. Mum's the word.

She was an acrobat's daughter, and when she opened her mouth she put her foot in it. Yep, and it's the first picture about the wild oh-pun spaces.

Well,, don't just stare there, prove it by downloading a second issue for a friend. And if you don't have a friend, you'll make one by making him a present of. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Famous Monsters of Filmland Warren Publishing. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Like "That's the way the monster, mumbles" chills com- mummy crumbles.

Con YOU? Next time I will look very closely, feel the texture of the pages, - I'm an year-old male Ster. Monte Johnson Wichita, Kans. The Colossal the creatures are coming, hurray, hurray, some by night, some by day.

I have just re- Windchili turned from a motion pitcher convention. Man got such gigantic shakes that' earthquakes were reported at the Equator and seaquakes in Atlantis, and the Preying Mantis said an extra prayer that nite. And here's why. After all, war itself is monstrous. FM your library for it. Ales Gordon has a very exciting script for loaded with special effects. DOOM, thriller of a monster who is half man, half mummy and part of the time invisible!

Poor Old Mummy, always taking a licking- Hog-gone if he isn't! This title to could almost be said to, er, "speak" for itself. He picked up this a song at a Fire Sale. The song was Old Flame". The crew of his atomsub and one of 'em will be seen reading FM in the pic may very well meet up with a subpolar ice-monster, Our Man Alex confides to ing feet ; FM readers. Editor of Famous Monsters here. Can you hear me mumbling all right? Richard Gordon on your mind? What's FJA: In the meantime, what's this I hear, about your having bought a Devil Doll?

After looking he decides to go get plastered. Braintrol blobs from another planet invade Earth and attach themselves to men and women, who thereafter become their slaves. She is a mutant, with a face so horribly disfigured that she disguises it behind a flesh-mask.

Too bad he test which, after their highly successful revivals in color of Frankenstein and Dracula, plan to turn their enthusiastic attention to Dr. Perhaps this will be other project to interest the horror ists at i Hammer. Titles to give anyone the creeps "He should live so long! Well, it ain't "Heady" Lamarr! ZAHN will be filmed by Wm. I "Melvin, my monster, is eating some of the neighbor's property his arm. The most frightening experience of a lifetime!

The beast that was once a boy! Swift i Jr. SSk susp ct 'Who has done 1 th 's to me? Latex Swifty who's already been thru led the materials to create r Wheeler's House of Magis in Hollywood; and the 3d, your ever-livin' Dr.

Here's one of the best from the Monster's own scrapbook. As for your boyfriend pulling your leg, tell him to stop Claude Rains has always been a favorite of mine. But here is one his left where the monster plainly has a beneath eye embedded eye and over his cheekbone. First, ster of a career. Monsters brings you the story Edward release, straight from the movie script by D. Wood, Jr. So what more natural than that wizard of make-up should do' an ooze- Kenne Duncan appears as Dr.

The Black Ghost? Who else but Vampira. And Tor cast. Johnson's son is included in the From the accompanying fotos it's obvious that Kevan has come up with another great oceanie monster like the Gill Man. Acula explains: But Kelton reluctantly arranges the here. Me, me, me! What was this strange sensation he felt for the earthbound, unearthly creature ivho could not move or speak go, lobo, go Bradford succeeds in prison, just in time to see by.

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