the translators of the bible wish graCe, merCy, and peaCe, through jesus Christ our lord. Great and manifold were the blessings, most dread Sovereign, which. The Holy Bible. Containing the Old and New Testaments. Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the. Former Translations Diligently Compared &. THE HOLY BIBLE. TRANSLATED FROM THE LATIN VULGATE. DILIGENTLY COMPARED WITH THE HEBREW, GREEK, AND. OTHER EDITIONS IN DIVERS .

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Old Testament PDF's. Please note a few rules before proceeding. Under no circumstances should any of the attached be used for commercial uses. These are. Cambridge University Press - Introduction to the Old Testament Bill T. Arnold Frontmatter More information I N T RO D U C T I O N TO T H E. Introduction This essay attempts to define covenant as seen in the Old Testament . It will give an overview of some of the current and historical thinking on the.

Brill, , New York: Oxford University Press, Jipp, "Book Review: Scott W. Kinship by Covenant: Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library. New Haven: Yale University Press, The Covenants of Creation There are three covenants of Creation: Edenic, Adamic and Noahic.

They cover the period from the creation of the world until after the flood where God promises to never again send destruction to the earth Gn. The Edenic and Adamic are sometimes considered to be part of the same covenant9.

The Edenic Covenant Gn. God created the world and human beings and promised man a partner, woman11 Gn. This Covenant was made between God and Adam and is distinct from the Adamic Covenant in that it concerns the life of man before the fall and is characterised more by blessings than curses. The condition in the covenant is that man should not eat from or touch the tree of knowledge or risk death Gn. Scofield notes how this Covenant lasted whilst Adam and Eve remained innocent12, until Eve was tempted by the serpent and ate from the tree Gn.

The Adamic Covenant Gn. The division into eight is not my work, but is drawn from Scofield. Clifford S.

Murphy O. Man sinned by entering the realm of moral experience by the wrong door when he could have entered by doing right. So man became as God through a personal experience of the difference between good and evil, but also unlike God in gaining this experience by choosing the wrong instead of the right.

Thus he was placed by God under the stewardship of moral responsibility whereby he was accountable to do all known good, to abstain from all known evil, and to approach God through blood sacrifice here instituted in prospect of the finished work of Christ. The sign of this covenant is therefore the skins that they wear out of shame Gn. The Noahic Covenant Gn. The flood destroyed many creatures, leaving only the ones saved by Noah.

We see a progression from the Edenic and Adamic Covenants where the parties involved were individual couples — now God is making a covenant with Noah and his extended family.

God does not add any further curses to the ground Gn.

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He issues an instruction that no-one should eat food that has life in it Gn. God requires that man be responsible for human life, demanding a reckoning of any loss Gn. God makes several prophetic declarations in the Covenant, cursing Canaan to be the slave of Shem Gn. Commentators note how all future divine revelation is through Semitic men descended from Shem A good example is the grant made to Noah. The Covenants of Redemption i.

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The Abrahamic Covenant Gn. God orders Abram to go to the land that He would show him Gn. In addition to these everlasting promises to Israel, God makes specific promises to both Abraham personally, and to the Gentiles.

To Abraham is promised that he would be the father to the nations Gn. He required that he sacrifice his son Isaac Gn. This Covenant is confirmed three times in Scripture to Abraham, Gn.

Although Ishmael and his descendants were not part of the covenant Gn. The Mosaic or Sinaitic Covenant Ex. There is an element of fear in this Covenant — compliance to a law out of fear of the consequences. As such, it is the fulfilment of the promise to Abraham in the Abrahamic covenant that Israel will become a great nation Gn.

The Mosaic covenant, like the Abrahamic covenant, was confirmed in blood Ex. In this covenant, unlike the first two, there is now a sacrifice in the form of a sin offering Ex. The sign of the covenant is in the faithful observance of the Sabbath Lv. Famously, this covenant is defined with the words: I will be their God. Lev A kinship covenant binds two parties together in a mutual relationship with divine sanction.

This type of covenant may be used to reinforce prior familial bonds or to draw hostile parties into a familial relationship. This covenant has the features of an oath, a shared meal, sacrifice, and concepts denoting mutual affiliation. The Sinai covenant is kinship in form due to the presence of most of these features.

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The Palestinian or Deuteronomic Covenant Dt. The context of this Covenant is that, yet again, the Israelites were unfaithful, engaging in idolatry and apostasy Nb. He promises that if the Israelites remember these blessings and curses whilst they are dispersed, and return to Him, he will gather them together again from where he had scattered them Dt. The sign of this covenant is the keeping of the Sabbath Ex.

Like the previous covenants, it is everlasting, and renews the ones before it. Jipp observes that, according to Hahn: Yale University Press, , The Davidic Covenant 2 S. God favoured David and promised him: In the first half of the Psalm vv. If the promise is a Kingdom and a future Messiah Is. We can easily see how this Covenant will be fulfilled in Christ, a descendant of David, and an heir to the house of Solomon.

The New Covenant Je. Conclusion This essay has surveyed, briefly — due to space limitations — the various Covenants in the Old Testament.

Because of these space limitations It has highlighted the context, partners, duration, temporal-scriptural location and signs or sacrifices associated with each Covenant. Where possible, the covenant is classified according to its type viz. I have provided a summary of the important similarities and dissimilarities at the end of this essay see Appendix I overleaf.

From the mountain of God, to Mt. Ararat, to Mt. Moriah, Mt. Sinai and Mt. The Maturing Period. Amos, Hosea, Micah, and Isaiah 1—39 Sidebar Other designations for Old Testament prophets Sidebar The Crisis and Beyond. Where is the book of Lamentations? The prophetic struggles against Zion theology Sidebar The production of a biblical book Sidebar The Restoration.

Apocalyptic texts from ancient Mesopotamia Sidebar Egyptian parallels to the Song of Songs Sidebar Hieroglyphics from Egypt II. Astrological calendar from Mesopotamia III.

The Psychology of Self-Esteem

Egyptian creation IV. Clay tablet reproducing an episode of the Gilgamesh Epic Old Babylonian period, ca. Mount Nebo VII. Glazed brick relief of dragon from the gates of Ishtar at Babylon, ca. Beth-shan IX.

Tower of Lachish under siege X. The Dead Sea Figures 1. Assyriologist Friedrich Delitzsch, portrait page 2 1. Stele of Qadesh 8 1. Scroll of Isaiah 13 2. Ahiram sarcophagus inscription 18 2. Torah scroll 19 2. Caves near Qumran 27 3. The Pyramids of Giza 42 3. Amarna Letter 45 4. Hittite Treaty 52 4. Herodotus 54 4.

Spinoza, — 59 5. The Ziggurat of Ur 72 5. Cuneiform tablet relating the Epic of Creation 76 5. Sir Flinders Petrie, — 90 6. William F. Albright, — 90 6. Julius Wellhausen, — 91 6. The Standing Stones of Gezer 95 7. Pharaoh Ramses II, ca. Gold-plated calf from Byblos in ancient Phoenicia 7. Merneptah victory stela 8. The tabernacle in the wilderness 8. The Iron Age sanctuary from Arad 8.

Detail of the Code of Hammurabi 9. Mounts Ebal and Gerizim, viewed from the east 9.

Priestly benediction on a silver amulet The Canaanite god El The god Baal of the thunderstorm Ancient Jericho Nabonidus Chronicle Jericho, with the Mountains of Moab in the background Portrait of a captured Philistine The Tel Dan Inscription Execution of Israelite prisoners of war at Lachish Victory Stela of Mesha, King of Moab Cyrus Cylinder, from Babylon, southern Iraq, ca.

Mesopotamian Leviathan third millennium BCE Jug with lyre player and cymbals Hermann Gunkel, — The Psalms at Qumran cave 11 Rendition of the Khirbet Qeiyafa Inscription Yehud coin Megillat Esther Ruins of Apadana Palace, Persepolis, Iran Old Testament Maps 3. Geography of ancient Israel 33 3.

The ancient Near East 35 3. Ancient Egypt 36 3. The Levant 38 3. Highways of the ancient world 39 6. Journeys of Abraham according to Genesis 87 7. Initial route of the exodus Initial campaign Joshua 1—8 Ideal northern and southern borders of the promised land Southern campaign Northern campaign Israel in the land after conquest Iron Age I Israel and Judah in the Southern Levant Extent of the Persian Empire Southern Levant during the eighth-century prophets We have many options move us off the main task of learning the basic for launching into the study of the Old Testament.

One may take an essentially historical approach, In contrast to these approaches, I have taken which is helpful because so much of the Old in this textbook a literary approach since the Old Testament is embedded in history. But this may Testament is, after all — although it may sound give the impression that learning Israelite history, silly to say this — literature.

Clearly, acquiring Israel as it has been preserved in the pages of the an understanding of history is not the same as Old Testament. At the same time, I have focused learning what the Old Testament says. But as history of religious ideas in human civilization.

These religious tradi- connections in theology and philosophy. This tions sometimes agree on the meaning of the Old introduction to the Old Testament as literature Testament, but not always.

One may take a comparative approach, study- A word about the title, Introduction to the Old ing religious practices and expressions of the Old Testament. I have provided my the critical issues for every biblical book. As we will see, the Old Testament itself read the portions of the Old Testament assigned is not uniform in its understanding of the singu- there before reading the chapter, or at least along larity of God.

Only certain portions contribute to with the chapter, in this textbook perhaps taking that legacy, and so we will not take up the ques- breaks in the OT readings to study this book. I was awarded the Islam, which is a topic of renewed interest in our Lilly Faculty Fellowship for fall semester , world today. I am also grateful to close by as you read through this textbook. I rec- Asbury Theological Seminary for a study leave in ommend a recent translation in colloquial English, spring semester Every translation is itself an interpre- University Press, and to Dr.

Asya Graf, currently tation. Translations from the Old Testament in assistant editor for humanities and social sciences this textbook are from the NRSV, although I have at the Press, who was extremely helpful at several occasionally made slight changes in order to illus- points along the way. As always, I owe most to Susan. Whatever our personal convictions regarding its content, the OT contains the origins of nearly everything we think about God.

Variously labeled as the Hebrew Bible, the Tanak, the First Testament, and the Old Testament, among others, this library of texts from an- cient Israel has been preserved for more than two thousand years. Indeed, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share in this unique religious legacy. We will discover in this chapter what lies be- hind the terminology we use when we speak of monotheism, and how the OT perceives and develops the understanding of a singular God.

Only in time would Israel come to believe that Yahweh was not only its God, and the God Israelites were called to worship, but the one and only God. W hat you think about God — if you think about God at all — affects nearly everything else you believe to be true. Wars have been fought and nations divided based on what people think about God. Nearly everything we think about God has been expressed first in the Old Testament.

In a series of three lectures delivered in , , and , Delitzsch championed Babylonian religion and culture as superior to that of the Israelites of the OT. In the midst of international uproar, Delitzsch refused to recant. Delitzsch was preceded in his extreme views by the theologian and historian Adolf von Harnack — Harnack had similar- 1.

The Assyriologist Friedrich Delitzsch. Yale Babylonian Collection German state and the rise of Nazism later in the s. He was not alone.

Many Testament but are not, at least not as many assume. Yet the con- Old Testament, such as the much later beliefs that tributions of the Old Testament to human his- Jesus is the incarnation of God or that God sent a tory and culture cannot be denied. Consider its final and definitive revelation to Muhammad.

Yet impact on philosophy, for example, from the per- even these have origins in the Old Testament. In People have not always thought highly of the addition, consider that millions of readers today Old Testament. One famous intellectual in the still find in its pages a source of inspiration and s argued that the Old Testament was no longer faith. The purpose of this textbook is not to argue necessary for further human progress. Its significance for you today will Many answers to these questions may occur to be left to you to decide.

Like most studies. But I offer one particular answer here that libraries, this one houses different types of liter- commends itself through the heirs of the Old ature — history, songs, parables, prayers, and many Testament itself. What I mean by this is that it is others. As a collection of books and writings, this the distinctively religious contributions of the Old library tells of nations and empires, of tribes and Testament that are continued in Judaism, and later families, of war heroes and crimes, of tragedies and in Christianity and Islam as well.

These three so- triumphs, and above all, of the religious convic- called monotheistic religions have a common ori- tions of its authors. This collection of writings, most often known about the nature of God. Many verse, and in a few contexts, even the only God of other groups of people just like the Israelites existed the universe. Indeed, the defining characteristic of during that period of history.

Others contend that many obscure secondary dialects, and have made a monotheism, whether defined clearly in the Old contribution to human history that is impossible Testament or not, has a violent history and is cer- to calculate. But this is get- tively, philosophical concepts you probably assume, ting ahead of our story. Why did this singular collection existence. As the religious and literary foundation of according to their Hebrew names.

But you may have noticed that The earliest Christians saw themselves as part the library of ancient Israel goes by many dif- of the Jewish community and assumed that the ferent names.

When Christianity call the Old Testament is not the only problem emerged beyond its Jewish roots and became when trying to explain exactly what it is. Christianity slowly in how they should be arranged. Some ancient came to embrace a two-part Bible, of which the traditions include more books, while others have Scriptures of Israel were the first and largest part. The early Christian writer Tertullian ca. Christian Bible. For Jewish readers, the writings of ments and sequences of the books of the Old Testament, ancient Israel are known as the Tanak, an acronym in the next chapter.

This designation has Testament supersedes or replaces the Old. Others the advantage of avoiding non-English-sounding apply a rigid prophecy-fulfillment pattern between labels like Tanak or Miqra.

More importantly, it the testaments or otherwise a simplistic prepara- avoids pejorative-sounding labels like Old Testament, tory or so-called Christological reading. Indeed, for such as First Testament, and Older Testament. Most Christian readers continue the details of that relationship. Nonetheless, this label also has its shortcom- Testament itself see Luke These six Bible, and so on, unfortunately suggesting an equal were envoys or messengers who heard directly from status to them all.Nearly everything we think about God has been expressed first in the Old Testament.

One famous intellectual in the still find in its pages a source of inspiration and s argued that the Old Testament was no longer faith. Ultimately, God pronounces a death sen- tence on the other gods for their failure to provide I want you to consider henotheism and monolatry justice vv. One partic- one god. A question of literary type 77 Themes of the Primeval History 79 Sidebar 5.

Stele of Qadesh 8 1. What shall we call the land of the Bible? Book of Malachi.

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