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Where is he going? When does he have to check in? Read and study the following expressions for making Activity 14 and taking reservations.

Making Reservations a ticket 1. Could Can I reserve a table for two for dinner tomorrow? May would like 3. I am going to book a single for tomorrow night. Know Your Stuff want. Reservation is very important to make sure whether your Taking Reservations affairs can be taken or not. Opening Conversations of Receptionist: Hotel Reservation: Ticket Reservation: Refusing Reservations: Then make Activity 15 a short dialog based on the following situations.

Then, act it out. You will go to Medan by plane on Sunday, June 10th at 1. You reserve a single ticket for executive class. You book a hotel for holiday this weekend. You reserve a double room for three days. You want to book a train seat tomorrow morning. You book two tickets for business class. Reading Read and study the following situations.

Then answer Activity 16 the questions. You read an interesting brochure of a travel agent about a tourist attraction. You want to go there and are interested in making a journey.

What will you do? You will go to Surabaya by train. You have not got a ticket. What would you do? You have a plan to go on vacation to Bandung with your family next weekend. You are afraid you won't get a hotel to stay.

What should you do? Before you read the text in Activity 18, read and study Activity 17 the following words. Consult the dictionary if necessary. Pay attention to the Activity 18 information. In order to permit us to serve you better, you will also Solve It! Under what name as applicable, although it is not required in order for you would you like to obtain a reservation: Citizen, employee of the U. Government or member of a.

May I have your phone the American Automobile Association; and whether you number have any special requests which you can indicate by either b. Can I tell you my phone number ticking one of the pre-selected choices found in the online form or by entering a note in the Comments Field.

Should you write your phone number If you are a travel agent making a reservation on d. Will you speak about you behalf of a client, you will also be asked to provide your your phone number Travel Agent I. Taken from www. Activity 19 1. What is the text about?

Have you ever made a hotel reservation through a website?

What should you do if you decide to make a hotel reservation through website? What information do you have to furnish for a better service? If you are a travel agent, what will the hotel ask you to do when you make a reservation on behalf of your client? Complete the following advertisement using the words Activity 20 in the box. Then read the text aloud.

Choose from Deluxe Pool Wing rooms, 48 Deluxe Ocean Wing rooms or the property's 12 3 suites, complete with private 4 garden and Balinese-style, open-air bathtub. For 5 travelers, Bali's kaleidoscope of cultural treasures is close by. Whatever your interests, Novotel Benoa Bali is sure to serve them best. For reservations, please contact: Rasuna Said, Jakarta.

Which do you prefer, making reservation by phone, online or directly? Give your reasons. Complete the following text using the words in the box. Activity Basking on Bintan Spread across hectares of beautifully 1 gardens in the north of Bintan Island, the Hotel Sedona Bintan Lagoon resort offers 2 facilities for the 3 businessman or tourist.

The resort features tastefully appointed rooms with 4 conveniences, each with a 5 balcony 6 Source: Stockbyte overlooking the ocean or other views. Golfers can tee off at one of three hole courses or practice on the driving range or putting green. Activity 23 Then study the parts of the letter. Opening salutation Dear Ms Volpe We have pleasure in enclosing your tickets covering the following reservations:.

Then answer the questions. Jalan A. Pettarani No. The reservation is for full board from 1—5 July Welirangan will be holding a meeting with our international clients. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Melina Latuihamallo Personnel Secretary to Mr. Welirangan Encl. City Bank Draft. Who is Melina? What kind of letter does Melina write? What is it about? Who is the letter sent to? Do not leave any blank spaces.

Look at and study the following brochures or adver- Activity 26 tisements. Then write notes about what the brochures or advertisements for.

Situated in a quiet, residential area behind Vondel Park, it overlooks a small canal and the park itself. The bedrooms have their own shower, TV, and radio. Twin rooms with bath are available at a supplement. Although the hotel does not have a restaurant or bar, the dining room is very pleasant and drinks are served on request. We recommend early booking because of the limited accommodation available. Meals payable direct. Supplements per person per night: Taken from First Class, Subjunctive with wish Wish can be used with several different tenses: I wish I lived in Australia.

I wish I had wings. The change could possibly occur but it generally depends on action from some other persons or things. I wish he would give up smoking. Subjunctives with if only If only can be used instead of wish in all three constructions above. If only has a stronger and unrealistic meaning than wish.

If only I had wings. My dad never comes home before 11 p. I wish my dad would come home before 11 p. We decided to sell our house. He spent all his money in the casino. I hate having to do homework every night. The code for Spain from the UK It was lovely to see For reservations and enquiries: Phone 6 21 56 Fax 6 15 Message Arrange the jumbled words into good sentences.

Are you able to make reservation? Are you able to take reservation? SWA , Februa ry 8, 2 In This Unit Listening Identifying and noting down expressions used in a presentation Speaking Presenting a report using functional expressions in front of the class Reading Reading and comprehending texts about reports Writing Making a rough draft of a report based on an outline.

January—December by: Oliver Smith Chief Executive. What do you u see in the report cover? What do you know about a report? Have you ever made a report? Have you ever presented a report? Have you ever listened to someone presenting a report? Listen to the following expressions and repeat them. Activity 2 When and where would you hear these expressions?

Today I'd like to talk about …. Thank you very much for this opportunity. They do not like someone who Dealing with questions speaks with circular style. Listen to the following short speech of someone Activity 4 opening a presentation. Arrange the topic sentences according to the speech. Topics Number Opportunities for further expansion in Africa Some of the achievements made in Asia Some recommendations Description of the current position in Europe.

Work in groups and listen to another speech. Then Activity 5 identify the words, phrases and expressions you are not familiar with. Finally, discuss their meanings with your friends. Have you ever delivered a speech? What was the speech about? Has your speech successfully delivered? How do you feel when you speak in front of an audience? Share your experience. In pairs, practice the following dialog. Activity 7 Melita: Well, how do we start? How about Report on download of New Printers.

Yes, that's good. Report on download of New Printers. What next? The date? Well, that's easy. To Mr. And the date What does that mean? That means what we were asked to do. We've got that down. And then what? Well, a new side-heading, I think: How we did the investigation.

So now can we recommend the machine we really want? I'll put a side-heading: Pronunciation Practice Read the following words.

RPP Dasar Desain Grafis Kelas X SMK TKJ, RPL, MM

Pay attention to your Activity 8 pronunciation. Find their meanings. Read and practice the following speech presenting Activity 9 a report. This is an excerpt of the introduction of a speech about restaurants. We're all involved in the restaurant industry. You don't have to be a movie star to work in the restaurant industry, but it does take guts, determination, hard work and a strong desire to have fun on the job. Today, I want to give you an idea of what it's like to work in one of the most exciting, dynamic and ever-changing businesses in America—the restaurant industry.

I have Chances are your report been dealing with restaurants for many years and now I contains lots of detailed want to share my experiences and insights on how to enjoy data. As you create working in the growing and vibrant restaurant industry can your visuals, keep in mind be anyone's reality. It takes many jobs to run a successful restaurant—and not Use only at-a-glance just jobs that involve chopping lettuce or waiting tables.

In visuals that support your key messages. As much fact, the restaurant industry has many different positions as possible, avoid visuals and job titles—from management to public relations to crowded with lots of data, fund raising—and yes, cooking! The public relations manager. The wine steward. The computer technician. Expressions for opening the speech 2.

Expressions for presenting ideas 4. Expressions for elaborating ideas 5. Expressions for making general statements 6. Expressions for drawing conclusions 7. Expressions for closing the speech. Make a simple report by using the expressions you Activity 11 have learned. Present your report in front of the class and pay attention to your pronunciation. You will have seven minutes to present your report.

You may use less time, but you may not exceed the limit. In industry, oral reports are often given before consultants, who charge extravagantly for their time; therefore, you must learn to budget the time allotted you and not exceed it. You will know in advance precisely when, day and time, to the minute, you will be expected to give your report.

Rehearse your talk ahead of time. Practice turning transparencies, Source: Read and study the following statements. Then answer Activity 13 the questions. Building a great presentation is about doing great preparation.

It involves doing research, homework, and asking the right questions. Unfortunately, the reality of public speaking is that preparation is the most important facet of any great presentation. Do you agree with the statement? Presenters are like architects. They craft blueprints and then share masterpieces with those in the audience.

Every word, every slide, and every handout needs to be closely inspected to match the laws of simplicity. What is meant by blueprint and masterpiece? Aristotle taught about three presentation components: Pathos refers to the ability of the speaker to win over an audience with emotions. Logos refers to winning the audience with evidence and letting them know that you are an expert, and most important - ethos refers to the credibility.

What is meant by credibility? Pay attention to the Activity 14 information. Practicing Your Presentation Practice presenting your report at least once before presenting it in class.

Don't just read your notes to yourself - stand up and give the talk the way you will to the class. If possible, practice presenting your report in the room where you are going to present it formally.

Concentrating on the sound of your voice will also help you not to be nervous when you are presenting the report. Nervousness may make you speak faster or slower than in your rehearsal. Be prepared with a little extra material, in case you speak too fast. However, you must treat memorizing a report in the same way you would treat memorizing a play script. This means that you must memorize it with normal pauses, emphasis, and intonation, and take special care not to speak faster than the normal speech rate.

If humanly possible, don't do your presentation by memorizing a speech it is not the best way. If you are a non-native speakers, it is good for you to have more pronunciation and intonation practice. So will substantial practice presenting your report.

Get enough sleep the night before. I have seen someone present a paper at a professional conference after running on adrenalin for a few days, then pass out and fall off the platform when he was asked a question. Above all, remember that in an oral presentation, you must make each major point in several ways. The old saying about this is, "First you tell 'em what you're going to tell.

Activity 15 Answer these questions based on the text above. Discuss your answer with your friends'. What should you do before presenting your report? How to turn a written 3. Find the 4. If English is not your native language, what should you answer at do to avoid awkward English and hyper-nervousness? Why should you memorize presentation like a play script? Why should you have enough sleep before presenting your report?

Why should you make major points in several ways for in the presentation? Read and study the following words. Consult a dictionary if necessary. Take notes on words or Activity 17 phrases you are unfamiliar with. Find their meanings in a dictionary.

Presentation Skills: Turning a Report into a Presentation. Know Your Stuff It is very important to keep a presentation on 'track'. An outline may help the presenter to succeed. Taken from Retorika Modern by Jalaluddin Rakhmat. That way, you can address each main idea as an entity, before moving on to the next idea. That will help your listeners better comprehend and remember each key idea.

Pay attention here to transitions; these should provide a natural link from one idea or section to another. Your transitions can also serve both as a summary of each section and a glimpse of what is coming next.

With a well-thought-out outline, building the body of your presentation should not pose a great challenge. You should now be able to move on logically, step-by-step, to your conclusion. Create a strong opener It is essential that you begin any presentation with a strong opener. It is even more essential when your audience thinks it is about to sit through what could be a long, tedious exposition.

You can quickly dispel any such notion with an opener that immediately grabs everyone's attention.

So plan your opening comments carefully. Find something. That may require no more than going straight to the report's key conclusion, and stating it as concisely as you can. You may want to think of an elevator speech. Imagine you have got 10 seconds to make your pitch. What would you say? Once you have got the opener down cold, you can move on smoothly to the body of your presentation.

You may decide to hand out the entire report or just portions of it, as appropriate. Read the text in the Activity 17 once more and decide Activity 18 whether each of these statements is True or False. When you are dealing with a lengthy report, it helps to break the material into several distinct parts.

By structuring you talk, it is easy for your listeners to comprehend and remember each idea. It is not important that you begin any presentation with a strong opener.

A good presentation opener will grab everyone's attention. You do not have to summarize the conclusion clearly and be prepared for questions at the end of your presentation.

The back-up material is not about the parts of the report you did not include in your presentation. Maintaining eye focus and using your voice and gestures to good effect are non-verbal communication skills.

Read the following speech. In groups of three, conclude Activity 19 this speech in your own words. Know Your Stuff Employment in the restaurant industry has reached record-breaking levels in recent years.

The restaurant industry Remember, your report employs millions of people and serves billions of meals, was compiled as a report. More than 70 Your job now is to create a successful presentation.

In this booming industry, career the presenter's toolkit, prospects are strong because opportunities are increasing. Restaurants play an essential role in creating healthy well—like maintaining communities by providing jobs, entertainment, convenience eye focus and using your and a comfortable place for neighbors to meet, talk and voice and gestures to good relax.

More than nine out of 10 restaurants are active in their effect. Restaurant owners themselves are often very Taken from www. I encourage each of you to strongly consider the restaurant industry when you think about your future—both immediate and long term. The restaurant industry is the industry of choice for enterprising, dedicated and adventuresome young people like yourselves.

Every day, those of us in the restaurant industry face new challenges and have fresh opportunities to make a difference in our customers'. Direct "We will present the paper tomorrow," said the committee.

Direct Write your full name, please," said the clerk. Reported speech refers to reproducing another person's exact words. When we use reported speech, we are usually talking about the past. If the "reporting verb" is in form of the simple past tense or the past perfect tense, the tense, pronoun, and adverb of place the "reported words" will change.

Verb Tense Changes. Activity 20 Examples: Bobi said, "I have my own apartment. Rendi said, "I will submit my report immediately. Shanti said, "I don't like working under pressure. My boss said, "Our company has successfully achieved its target. The manager said, "The presentation is really good. Ivan said, "I think I should look for a better job.

The secretary said, "You have to make an appoinment to meet the director. Tuti said, "I have no draft on my desk. Leo said, "I've taken a full time job. Edi said, "I'll make a call tomorrow.

Tita said, "I saw a presentation yesterday. Change the following reported speech into direct Activity 21 speech. Rian asked me if I had ever gone skydiving.

Rian said, "Have you ever gone skydiving? Jaka wanted to know if I would be at the meeting. Intan wondered whether I was going to quit my job. My boss wanted to know why I wasn't working at my desk. The secretary told me that I might use the telephone.

My friend said that I should take a long vacation. The operator said that I didn't have enough credit to make a call. Ivan asked me whether I really loved my job. Adi asked me whether I was sick. Ari told Ira to wait for him after lunch. Rini asked Denny what time it was.

Work in pairs. Make a presentation about an activity Activity 22 held in your school. Report it in front of the class. Match the following terms for writing a report with their Activity 23 meanings. Acknowledge Your 1. Methodology a. This is the most important part of Audience many reports and may well be the Let your audience know only section that some readers read in that you care about the detail.

It should be carefully written fact that they're given and should contain a complete up their precious time to listen your speech. Many overview of the message in the speakers try to block report, with a clear summary of your out the people present in recommendations.

Content page b. This section sets the scene for your fear of public speaking report. You have to remember and the purpose of the report. Acknowledgement c. This will include the title of the presence, interact with report, who has written it and the them by asking and answering the questions; date it was written or submitted. Introduction d. This is the main body of the report, can make a big difference where you develop your ideas.

The nature of this section will depend on the brief and scope of the report. Terms of Reference e. Thanks to the people or organizations who have helped. Executive Summary f. This section outlines how you investigated the area. How you gathered information, where from and how much e. Title g. As in a book, this lists the headings in the report, together with the page numbers showing where the particular section, illustration etc.

Arrange the following parts of elements in writing a Activity 24 report into a good order. Body language is 1. Methodology important. Standing, 2. Content page walking or moving about with appropriate 3. Acknowledgement hand gesture or facial expression is preferred 4.

Introduction to sitting down or 5. Executive summary standing still with head down and reading from 6.

Title a prepared speech. Keamanan Jaringan danModul 6: Keamanan Jaringan Aktivitas Keamanan Informasi. Modul Keamanan Komputer Pdf Download kopierprogramm delicious erotsche downlouden weiterbildung smilis Author: Aktifkan auto update setiap saat via jalur Internet. Secara periodik aktifkan scan komputer terhadap potensi virus. COM ; Gambar 2. Istilah cracker diajukan oleh Richard Stallman untuk mengacu kepada peretas dalam arti ini. Rumah yang sering ditinggal pemiliknya dapat dimanfaatkan oleh pencuri untuk melakukan aksinya.

Artikel Sistem Keamanan Jaringan Komputer - pdfthink. Tujuannya adalah untuk mengantisipasi resiko jaringan komputer Puji Hartono Versi: Kategori kejahatan 2.

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Ruang lingkup hukum siber 3. T entu saja, modul ini belumlah sempurna. Selain itu masih … modul-sistem-komputer. Teknik Komputer dan Jaringan Mata Pelajaran: Ancaman Sistem Keamanan Komputer. COM ; Melalui mekanisme penggandaan diri ini, mekanisme virus digunakan untuk berbagai jenis ancaman keamanan sistem komputer, seperti: Dan yang terpenting caption yang berfungsi sebagai title dari Ilmu komputer bahasa Inggris: Computer Science , Secara umum diartikan sebagai ilmu yang mempelajari baik tentang komputasi, perangkat keras hardware maupun perangkat lunak software.

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All articles should include a validation of the idea presented, e. Inilah pembahasan lengkap mengenai jenis jenis jaringan komputer, fungsi atau kegunaan, kelebihan dan kekuran, disertai dengan diagram atau gambar masing - masing tipe jaringan! Dengan adanya blog ini diharapkan dapat membuat Anda lebih mengerti seputar komputer. Our services are generally divided into three: Tutorials, Journals and Training. BCNF has rule that is each main attribute hinged is functional fullness at each lock where the lock is non part of his its.

MSRP: 9. Pengantar Informatika. Com dapat digunakCom Seluruh dokumen di IlmuKomputer. Memanfaatkan Google Daripada Perpustakaan. Welcome to the official website of the journal KLIK. Suminto, Dikaimin Simon, Daniar H. Layanan kami secara umum terbagi menjadi tiga: Tutorials, Journals dan Training.

Com dapat digunakan, dimodifikasi dan disebarkan secara bebas untuk tujuan bukan komersial nonprofit , dengan syarat. Kamus Istilah Komputer. Posted by Luthfi -; Posted in Fak. Rapidshare menduduki peringkat ke sebagai situs penyimpanan file yang banyak dikunjungi. Meski ini hanya sekedar wacana yang semakin menguat buah dari mengikuti kegiatan Lokakarya Nasional Jaringan LayananIlmu Komputer - ilmu komputer,tips trik,sofware,hardware,laptop,freeware,hosting ,domain,free ,gratisTentang Kami.

Mengenal Hardware dan Topologi Jaringan. Wah, berarti otomatis ya heheh. Find the email address format for employees at ilmukomputer. Istilah komputer mempunyai arti yang luas dan berbeda bagi setiap orang. Sejarah adalah ilmu yang mempelajari tentang kejadian-kejadian atau peristiwa-peristiwa yang dialami oleh manusia pada masa lalu.

Rapidshare adalah salah satu situs penyimpan file di internet. Ilmukomputer was registered with PDR Ltd. Com - ilmukomputer. Jangan percaya saja pada rumor ataupun gelombang tren dalam memilih jurusan IlmuKomputer.

ComKebutuhan sebuah laptop tidak ada bedanya dengan kebutuhan pokok seperti pakaian, kendaraan, dan lain-lain. We collected the majority of metadata history records for Ilmu-komputer. Bidang Ilmu Sistem Informasi merupakan salah satu bidang ilmu yang memicu penggunaan berbagai teknologi informasi yang mentransformasi kehidupan manusia.

Lukman, Huan Ke, Cesar A. We analyzed Journal. Com menyediakan CD yang disebarkan secara gratis ke seluruh pelosok tanah air. In fact, the total size of Journal. The name servers are ns1. Com dapat digunakan, dimodifikasi dan disebarkan secara bebas untuk tujuan bukan komersial nonprofit , dengan syarat tidak menghapus Deskripsi. Sebelum ada sistem operasi, orang hanya mengunakan komputer dengan menggunakan sinyal analog dan sinyal digital. Com with the support and contribution of researchers, professors and students from various universities around the world.

Ilmu-komputer has a poor activity level in Twitter with only 3 mentions. Com sebagai rangkaian terpadu IC.

Menjadi Rekanan Jaringan. December 16, Catatan Kecil Seorang Mahasiswa Informatika. BAB 1. Kemudian pilihlah tab Settings.

Course price ranging from IDR Maka tak heran jika justru membuat orang-orang menjadi bingung untuk memilih Laptop yang bagus untuk mereka. Komunitas eLearning IlmuKomputer. According to Whois Ilmukomputer.

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Ini penjelasannya. Com Learning Network 0 Situs yang memuat materi dan kuliah gratis berbahasa lndonesia di bidang ilmu komputer dan teknologi informasi.Then you put in the tape. Activity 17 Pay attention to your pronunciation. Yeah, that's right. Progressive from: Ilmu-komputer has a poor activity level in Twitter with only 3 mentions.

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