NAT ICS Complete Guide- NTS is available here. Dogar Brothers happening. Test Preparation, Free Books, Armed Forces, Ebooks, Pdf, Special Forces, Army. NAT-ICS Complete Guide (NTS) by Dogar Brothers aims to assess the verbal, is available here. order now book will be sent you by courier cash on delivery. NAT Test is conducted under the supervision of National Testing Service (NTS) and all the candidates who want to seek admission in any NTS.

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To appear in the NAT-ICS test students must have twelve years of education in the respective field. The admission in any NTS associated university is also. National Testing Services NTS NAT Test Preparation Books Free Download Online National Testing Service (NTS) take National Aptitude Test (NAT) to SCIENCE to ab main test NAT IGS men don ga ya NAT ICS men. NAT – ICS Test Overview: NTS ICS is for the students of ICS group. NAT-ICS is accepted for admissions to Bachelor programs in Engineering.

Newer Post Older Post. Muhamamd Ali Shahzad April 19, at Unknown June 25, at 9: Anonymous July 4, at 5: Nazir Minto June 27, at 6: Anonymous July 10, at 7: Unknown July 13, at Farman Haidar August 9, at 5: Unknown October 7, at Anonymous August 12, at Unknown September 2, at Unknown September 4, at 3: Abdullah shah Zehri September 5, at Anonymous September 14, at 9: Unknown October 7, at 4: Unknown September 18, at Unknown September 24, at 1: Unknown September 25, at 3: This test is paper-based and used to examine the English language proficiency of those who are non-native English speakers by using academic contents in the test.

As its name shows, it tests the ability of English in Listening and Reading. This is a test for a beginner at a very basic level or in other words intermediate level.

Taking part in this test, candidates can understand their English proficiency level and work further to improve it. This test used by many organizations on an international level to measure the English communication abilities of their future employees.

As famous as NTS tests have become, almost every student in Pakistan have to go through this examination at least once in life.

Every time you take this test, there is usually something important online like admission in a good university or a respected job. So, it is always very important to pass NTS. Here we have shared some of the best and most useful tips based on experience to pass NTS with good score.

Laziness wastes a great a deal of your time and with energy is also surfed for no reason. If you really wish to score well in NTS then you must take it seriously and start preparing as soon as possible. You know the subjects you need to prepare and get the syllabus and start self-preparing.

NAT - National Aptitude Test By NTS

The sooner you start the better you are prepared for your test. That time will not go in vain.

But one has to make itself disciplined. The worst one can do himself is wasting his time at times like this where you have to prepare for an important test. Make a schedule for daily chores and specify the time for your study.

NTS NAT Solved Past Papers pdf Download

Set time when you go to sleep when you must wake up and you will not do anything else in that time. If you have specified that time to study, then you must continuously do your study at that time.

Some of the tests are paper-based and some are taken on computers in soft form. It is recommended to get the paper pattern which you can find in NTS books. After you get test format you will have a better understanding of what your goal is and how to prepare for it.

This should one of the earliest tasks you should do. When you read old papers it gives you an insight of how your test will be, how difficult it is going to be, what your level is compared to it and how to prepare for a required level.

About the Test

You can easily find these up to date papers of NTS in any book shop. Be sure to get the papers of your own test. Group study helps you overcome your weaknesses and further develop your strengths. Once you have learned something, the best way to clear and brace your concepts is by teaching them. When you teach something, it clears all confusions that you could have in your mind and while you are teaching, you will get new questions and you might have missed.

You should read books and get a general idea of what academic vocabulary is and then must practice it. For this purpose, you should also have good writing skills.

You should follow their order and study accordingly. It is also recommended to take a test of yourself after you have completed one chapter. This way you can know where you stand on your preparation and if all the time you surfed on studying was worth or not.

You can find or make your test from the end or exercise of each chapter from NTS book. After your test, if you feel that your preparation is not good enough then you change your method or style of studying. They are not limited to one book or a paper.The negative marking is applied in many customized NAT tests.

These tests can be used to apply for post or seat in a foreign company or institute. Sometime you are asked to find area of an unusual shape. NTS displays list of rejected applications. You have to find the areas of those triangle and square and add them to find total area of total unusual shape.

Preparation for NTS - NAT Test - Guidelines

You must take part and score merit points if you wish to apply for a scholarship that is being granted by the Higher Education Commission or Ministry of Education. NTS displays list of rejected applications. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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