Find the List of Important Dams in India which was most expected Static GK for Bank Exams, candidates who are preparing for IBPS. List of Major Dams in India for Banking & SSC Exams – GK Notes in PDF! Here is a list of important dams in India and the rivers on which they are built on. List of Important Dams and Rivers in India Free PDF. As we all know Static Awareness is one of the most important sections asked in competitive exams like .

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Latest list of Major Dams in India. Candidate can also download the List of Major Dams in India as PDF file, PDF Download for List of Dam and. Dams in India PDF covers the list of Important dams in India and rivers on which they are built, this list is arranged state wise. This list of Indian. Dams of India are an integral part of the Static GK part of General Awareness sections of various Bank Click here to download: Important Dams of India Bolt – Monthly Current Affairs PDF | Free GK eBook Download · Best Telegram Group.

India has around 4, dams which include a large number of multipurpose dams. If you are looking for a different holiday experience, we recommend you to take a look at the following marvellous structures beginning with the most important and highest dam in India, the Tehri Dam. About the Dam Source With a staggering height of meters, Tehri stands tall as one of the highest dams in Asia and the highest dam in India.

With a length of meters, the crest width of 20 meters, and base width 1, meters, Tehri is a reservoir for 2. Tehri Dam is the world's most significant hydro-electric water project and draws water from the rivers Bhagirathi and Bhilangana which flow from the Himalayas. Apart from supplying water for irrigation and daily consumption, the dam generates 1, megawatts of hydroelectricity.

History of Tehri The thought germ for Tehri was conceived in and in the work to turn this dream into reality was undertaken. Despite the opposition the construction received due to possible environmental hazards and the postponing of development because of a shortage of funds, the dam was finally finished in with the help of USSR overcoming financial and economic obstacles.

Activities on Tehri Dam? Source Apart from a work to marvel at, Tehri dam draws a large number of tourists to its emerald green reservoir which is the Tehri Lake.

Amidst the picturesque green hills, Tehri Lake has become a perfect weekend getaway for many. You can indulge in some activities here, like: Jet Skiing: also known as water scooters, Jet Skis are a vehicle for a single person which travels on the water.

Enjoy the experience of roaring through the waters amidst the hills of Himalayas at Tehri. Water skiing: this adventure activity is the hydro counterpart of skiing on snow. In this activity, Skiis are tied to your feet as you ride on the water holding a rope which is fastened to a motorboat. Kayaking: this water sport involves the propelling of a kayak by the individual. Rafting: navigating the rough waters in Rishikesh has long been the trend, but now you have the opportunity to relish this sport at Tehri too.

Water Zorbing: the terrific experience of walking on water inside a giant, transparent, plastic ball is a thrilling activity you can take part in at Tehri. Parasailing: Parasailing, also called Parakiting, is an activity in which a person is towed behind a motorboat while being attached to a parachute. This gravity dam with a height of meters is the second largest dam in Asia.

Bhakra Nangal's reservoir, which s called 'Gobind Sagar ' can hold up to 9.

The dam has ten power generators on either side and protects the fields from any damages during monsoons. Unfortunately, it has been closed to visitors due to some security reasons. The dam is the largest dam built on the river Narmada, aimed at providing drinking water, irrigation water and hydro-power for the state of Gujrat. Singur Dam. Ramagundam Dam. Dummaguden Dam. Arunachal Pradesh.

Important Dams of India: eBook

Nagi Dam. Minimata Hasdeo Bango Dam. Ukai Dam. Sabarmati river. West Banas River. Himachal Pradesh.

GK> Major Dams of India – Important List – PDF

Bhakra Nangal. Chamera Dam. Nathpa Jhakri Dam. Pong Dam. Bagihar Dam. Dumkhar Dam. Pakal Dul Dam. Uri Dam. Maithon Dam. Tilaiya Dam. Barakar River,. Tenughat Dam. Panchet Dam. Konar Dam. Chandil Dam. Subarnarekha River. Linganamakki Dam. Sharavathi river. Tunga Bhadra Dam. Tungabhadra River,. Supa Dam. Narayanpur Dam. Krishna River.

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Krishna Raja Sagara Dam. Kodasalli Dam. Kali River. Kadra Dam. Kalinadi River.

List of Dams in India with River and State

Harangi Dam. Basava Sagara.

Alamatti Dam. Malampuzha Dam. Malampuzha River. Walayar Dam. Walayar River. Peechi Dam. Manali River. Parambikulam Dam. Parambikulam River.

Neyyar Dam. Neyyar River. Mullaperiyar Dam. Periyar River. Kundala Dam. Idukki Dam. Madhya Pradesh.

Rajghat Dam. Betwa River. Indira Sagar. Narmada River. Gandhi Sagar Dam. Chambal River. Barna Dam. Barna River. Bargi Dam. Bansagar Dam. Sone River.

Yeldari Dam. Purna river. Ujjani Dam. Bhima River. Mulshi Dam.

Mula river. Bhatsa Dam. Bhatsa river.SBI PO exam — model question papers. List of dams and reservoirs in India Dams In India. It is situated on the river Sutlej. Make sure to add one of these highest dams in India to your bucket list whenever you are nearby since they offer you a unique experience which brings together adventure, knowledge, and beauty.

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Rihand Dam. Jayakwadi Dam. In which River Bhakranangal dam largest dam in India is situated?

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