Chapter Eight. Chapter Nine. Chapter Ten. Chapter Eleven. Chapter Twelve Chapter Twenty-Five. Back Ads. About the Author. Books by Pittacus Lore. Credits. The sixth and penultimate book in the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series! For years the Garde have fought the Mogadorians in secret. Now all . The Fate of Ten by Pittacus Lore, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The sixth and penultimate book in the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series! For years the Garde have fought the Mogadorians in secret, but. The Fate of Ten is the explosive sixth instalment in the Lorien Legacies Pittacus Lore is about to become one of the hottest names on the planet' Big Issue. Downloads PDF The Fate of Ten (Lorien Legacies), PDF Downloads The Fate of Book Details Author: Pittacus Lore Pages: Publisher.

Nothing ever went to plan… Loss of preparation, loss of time, and most devastatingly of all, loss of life. The history also acts as a good motivator for readers as well as a refresher for why he needs to be stopped for the final stretch of the series. I hope, these type of light references to our real world will be picked up the younger generation. Lessons to learn if you will. This is also the installment that I want to see in the big screen.

This, yet again, is a big plus for me. Being able to immerse your reader and make them part of it. Not because the setting was here on Planet Earth but because of the talent of the author in pulling us in. This book is a flurry of do-or-die.

Did NOT see that coming. I originally though this was a six-book series, which made this the final book, and thus was immediately upset with the devastating ending.

Someone might as well rip my heart out and destroy it. Eventually, all stories must come to an end. Sandor is tortured to get Nine to break. They take shelter at Nine's old safehouse in Chicago and later journey to a secret base in New Mexico. Nine is shown at the end of the book fighting Setrakus Ra, the leader of the Mogadorians, and finally meeting the entire Garde, except for Five, where they all swear to kill Ra the next time they see him.

In the Fall of Five, he and Five never got along. He saw Five as a fat-bot or hobbit-thing. After Five reveals his betrayal and witnesses how Eight saved his life, Nine becomes enraged and wants revenge as much as Seven. His known Legacies include: Antigravity - Nine can walk on all surfaces, including walls and ceilings as if he was upright.

Anima - The ability to communicate with animals. Miras - Nine can temporarily share his powers, or an ability of one of his chest items. Nimis - Nine can run at speeds faster than the average Loric and Human capabilities. Fortem - Nine is stronger than the average Loric and Human capabilities. Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Nine can move objects with his mind.

Like Seven, His speed is greater than the other Garde; he can move as a blur, faster than Seven. Despite her young age, she has already displayed signs of enhancement in being unusually agile, quick and athletic for her young age. Ella was introduced as a new orphan and sent to the monastery Seven was living in order to find Seven's chest. She also helps Seven find her Chest. They defeat the Mogadorians with the help of Number Six.

Despite helping the Garde and being Lorien, she was not originally part of the Elders' plan- she was sent to Earth in a human-built spaceship which her grandad, one of Lorien's oldest and proudest inhabitant excepting Pittacus Lore, Lorien's ruling elder , when the Great Expansiom occurred. This was mentioned in Crayton's Letter.

Crayton dies after an ambush from the Mogadorians and the group is separated after Eight teleports them away. Ella goes through the grief of her dead Cepan but manages to push them aside. The book ends with Ra escaping and The entire Garde, except for Five, promising to finish him off in the future. When she reads the letter that was written to her by Crayton before he died, she learns that her father, Raylan, was a very rich man who began to resent the Elders because he felt it was his birthright to be one.

He became a recluse because of this, and had many Chimaera for company.

The Fate of Ten

He donated a fuel-ship to the museum because of her mother, but when the invasion came, he hurried Number Ten to the ship, along with the Chimaera and Crayton, his gardener. She is kidnapped by the Mogadorians and is currently with them, but they won't kill her because they want her to rule alongside Setrakus Ra for reasons unknown.

In "Revenge of Seven", it is revealed she is Setrakus Ra's granddaughter and is currently located on the Anubis, the Mogadorian Flagship, orbiting Earth along with the entire Mog Fleet. During her time there, she was put to reading Setrakus Ra's book, having a mysterious charm on her, and learning her "betrothed" is Five, revealing him as a traitor and killing Eight.

Enraged, Ra allowed her to use her Dreynen on him. Later, when Five tried to bail her out, she later learn her legacies can't affected by Setrakus Ra's Dreynen. She also learned that the charm on her will transfer all injures on Setrakus Ra to her. Setrakus Ra stops her, stating he'll kill her for her treason. Her known legacies include: Aeternus - the ability to change between ages, but only ages she's already lived through.

Only one of the Ten Elders is supposed to have this ability. Mentis - The ability to communicate with other Garde with telepathy using her mind, even across continents, as well as sensing others thoughts, even Mogadorians. Dreynen - The ability to cancel or take away another Garde's Legacies for a period of time; this can be put through charging an object and throwing it or touching.

During the fight with Setrakus Ra, she picked up a broken sword, which then glowed with red energy. She then threw it at Setrakus Ra, which nullified him and restored the Garde's powers. She's not sure how she did it but, the action revealed to Setrakus Ra who she was.

She again uses this against Five, aboard the Mogadorian ship, the Anubis; Setrakus Ra starts to teach Ella how to use her powers, when it is revealed to Ella that Five is a traitor and killed Eight she uses this power when Five is about 40 feet in the air; she throws a Dreynen charged wrench at him. Futurum - the ability to see different possible outcomes in terms of how the future will develop; she can also see how probable each scenario is.

Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Ella can move objects with her mind. She shows this when she and Marina are talking, and Sarah and Sam open the door, Ten uses her telekinesis to slam the door shut. Her original Lorien name is Hessu. She was an older woman, in her fifties, and always was strict. They had to relocate from place to place some many times because of One's rebellious attitude.

Hilde decided to leave America after One was arrested for shop lifting and headed to Malaysia. She was the one who woke One to tell her that the Mogs arrived. She was a good martial artist but was quickly overwhelmed and shot in the chest by a Mogadorian. Her death allowed One awaken her Earthquake abilities. Hilde's last words were to run and survive. One described Hilde like a mother to her.

Hilde's body was left to rot in Malaysia by the Mogadorians. She is shown grieving over Lorien's destruction and questions whether they will survive on Earth. When she states that they are all going to die and that it is useless to hide, she is comforted by Sandor, Nine's cepan. He and his Garde were living in Ireland but soon had to leave due to some unknown reasons. Then the General and his Mogs found them after Conrad killed a Mog scouting troop sent after him by the General and burned down their house in the Scottish Highlands.

He headed for London, England and met Two at a safehouse. The Mogs found his bus and started to attack, and despite Conrad having two SMG 's with him, he is eventually killed.

He was in love with Julianne, who was also his wife. With Julianne, they had a child on his home planet of Lorien, but he left them to protect John when Lorien was destroyed. Henri is like a father to John, since John was forced to leave his family behind on Lorien as well. Henri dies at the end of the first book, protecting John from the Mogadorians. In the second book, it is revealed from a letter that Henri wrote, that Henri knew Sam's father, Malcolm Goode, and that Malcolm was the whole reason for him and Four coming to Paradise.

In the film adaptation, Henri is portrayed by Timothy Olyphant. He later dies on Earth around the time Number Five states that he was found by the Mogs within the first six months he arrived on Earth from Lorien. However, his real name is revealed to be "Rey" instead of "Albert" in "Five's Legacy".

She was more cool-headed than Six and tried to temper her volatile Garde.

According to Six, Katarina was very thorough with her forgeries as well as with Six's training and that she had multiple lovers back on Lorien. When Six was thirteen, Mogadorians caught them both. The Mogadorians killed Katarina during her and Six's imprisonment in the Mogadorian base. She was tortured, and then killed in an attempt to force information out of Six.

Her original Lorien name is Adel. Adelina had lost faith in their ability to restore Lorien and had grown accustomed to the religious life at the convent believing that one can save others through religion. As a result, she often told Marina to "stop believing in fairy tales" and doesn't train Marina.

After a Mogadorian attack she feels remorse for denying Marina's heritage and sacrifices herself to help Marina escape, being killed by a Mogadorian stabbing her in the heart in Book Two. She is seen on the space shuttle by Sandor, Nine's cepan, as they head for Earth. Her nickname is revealed to be Adel. Reynolds[ edit ] At the mention of his Cepan, Eight becomes withdrawn and avoids the topic, indicating that his Cepan is dead.

He is further revealed in The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy where he revealed to have had a gift with working with technology as he creates endless amounts of drones and other machines that Nine fights in their practice gym, the Lecture Hall. The screen shows a simple white dot in the center which is Nine's location, and any red dots that show up on the iMog screen are Mogadorians. After he and Nine are caught and imprisoned, Nine mercy-kills Sandor to save him from further torture by the Mogs.

His favorite comic book hero is Batman and he often called Nine "young ward". He also loves the James Bond series and it is mentioned how he identifies with the character a few times. In The Last Days Of Lorien, Sandor is the main focus of the book as it explores both his youth life and the planet Lorien before the invasion by the Mogadorians.

In the story, Sandor is forced to go to the Lorien Defense Academy for some wrongdoings with his engineering skills. Sandor also meets a Garde named Devektra, who is famous for her music and dancing. It is implied that he has feelings for her, especially when he kisses and hugs her. The story ends with Sandor saving Nine during the invasion of Lorien and becomes his new cepan. Crayton helped to fight the Mogadorians when Seven left Santa Teresa along with Hector, Ella and Six; equipped with only a briefcase of weapons.

When Seven first met Crayton she mistook him for a Mogadorian because he was always watching her and misread his clue concerning his book with 'Pittacus' in the title and the fact that he spoke to Hector. He first tried to approach Adelina but she threw him out once she knew who he was. Crayton later dies in The Rise of Nine by a blast while trying to recover Eight's and Seven's chests.

In the film he is played by Reuben Langdon and was killed by a piken. He was said to be in his fifties. Kentra may be Three's Cepan. The Mogadorians[ edit ] The Mogadorians are the main antagonists of the series. Mogadorians are aliens from the planet of Mogadore. They set out to conquer Lorien for their resources after their own planet started dying from a lack of it. The Mogs follow the teachings of Setrakus Ra through his "Great Book", which intels violence and respect for the strong.

Mogadore is twice the size of Lorien and around a fifth of Earth's size.

They hunt the Garde out of fear. They are planning on conquering the Earth after destroying the Garde. Trueborn Mogadorians are effectively identical in appearance to humans.

All are gregarious and share a predilection for cities and crowded places. The Mogadorians are having a harder time conceiving children.

And even if a child is born, mothers often die in childbirth. According to Rex, the Mogs have been gaining more and more power in the American government in the past few years.

During Six's fight with him, she noticed Ra had unique scars around his ankles, possibly hinting that Ra may be one of the Original Ten Elders, like Pittacus Lore and Loridas. Eight believes this so much that he teleports over to him and hugs him. Eight nearly dies, but Seven saves him just in time.

It is revealed in The Fall of Five that Ella is his "heir" and that she comes from a prominent family connected to the Elders. This most likely means that Setrakus Ra was actually the tenth Elder that "died" He was banished because Pittacus pitied him in the Secret Wars considering the scars on his ankle which is based off that previous Elders had the same ankle scars related to the more recent Garde.

In the beginning of Revenge of Seven, he reveals to Ella that she is his granddaughter. It is revealed later in The Revenge of Seven that Setrakus Ra was the tenth Elder that 'died' in the Secret Wars; he says that the other Elders did not agree with his plans for the future of Lorien, and he was soon banished.

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He later changed his Loric genetic code to make it look like he was Mogadorian, Ella describes his face as an old Loric architecture ruins being rebuilt over by a gross Mog. He went to the Mogadorians and they eventually trusted him for 'progress' that Setrakus Ra wanted. He places a mysterious charm on Ella and had the intentions of have Five to be married with Ella. However, things changed when Five tried to sneak Ella off the ship.

It is revealed that Setrakus Ra's Dreynen power doesn't work on Ella. Also, the charm Setrakus Ra place on Ella will cause any injury inflicted on him will be transferred to her, except if she is the one to hurt him.

After throwing Five off the ship and healing Ella, he was about to make his presentation on Earth's Surrender.

However, John and Nine exposed him for what he really is, a monster. When Ella helps the Garde out, Setrakus Ra grabs her and intends to kill her for her treason. He escapes with Ella still in his custody. In "The Fate of Ten", he makes as broadcast stating that the Garde are alien terrorists, Earth has 48 hours to surrender or it will be done by force, and all humans developing legacies mutations as he puts it are to be researched.

After learning the Sanctuary is no longer protected, he takes the Anubis straight towards it. Originally planning to make a stop at the West Virginia base for reinforcements, he instead goes to the Sanctuary and fires a powerful cannon that destroys the temple.

During this time, he has a black ooze pumped into Ella's body in order to control her but not mentally. At the end of the book Six impaled him with a pipe he was using to harvest the Loric energy underneath Sanctuary, severely wounding him and forcing him to flee, leaving Ella behind with the Garde. In "United As One" he is seen in a vision, healing himself in a huge pool of the black ooze he used to control Ella.

As he healed, the Mog commanders around the world began fighting each other over the lack of orders and desire to become the next leader. During this time the Garde took advantage of the discord in the Mog Fleet and was able to capture one of the Warships. Taking the cloaking devices from the Skimmer craft inside to use against the other warships as the cloaking device's have the ability to pass through Mog ship shields.

Adam knows the Mogs secrets, and he knows where to hit them: their command base near Washington, DC. But during the assault, John learns he and the Garde might be too late. The Mogadorians have commenced their ultimate invasion plans.

The Fate of Ten — For years the Garde have fought the Mogadorians in secret, but now the invasion has begun. John is on the front lines in New York City.

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As the pair tracks down Five and Nine amidst the chaos, they meet another teen with powers. But is she a friend or foe? Lorien Legacies Reborn This is a new series in the same universe, but also a follow up focusing on the human garde. But in order to win, our alien allies known as the Garde unleashed their Loric energy that spread throughout the globe.Marina attempted to heal Nine's injury but was unable to do so.

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Media The Fate of Ten. I can't believe they actually went there! Ella goes through the grief of her dead Cepan but manages to push them aside.

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