The Ruby Red Trilogy is a series of three fantasy novels by German writer Kerstin Gier. The three books are: Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green. Ruby Red book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Although I had never seen him before, I recognized him immediately. I'd. . Kerstin Gier's The Ruby Red Trilogy is an adventure and time travel filled young . An Interview with Kerstin Gier; Ruby Red Book Trailer; The Ruby Red Trilogy.

Ruby Red Book

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Ruby Red (The Ruby Red Trilogy) [Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell] on * FREE* shipping customer reviews. Book 1 of 3 in the Ruby Red Trilogy Series . Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Ruby Red trilogy is an international bestseller series of books by Kerstin Gier , originally written in German. The following is an incomplete list of publishers.

Now, let's break it up.

Firstly, plot. One of the main reasons I loved this book was because it was constantly exciting.

The plot kept up at a grea Review to come.. I never found myself thinking "I wish this would speed up! Also, the whole concept of this world is so cool that I didn't mind slowing down for a while to know more about it!

Plot gets top marks for constantly keeping me intrigued!

The Ruby Red Trilogy

Like, I have honestly not laughed out loud at a book for what feels like a year and this book had me bursting out at laughter, with tears in my eyes, like five times! Secondly, characters. I love characters in books. They are the vessel through which the plot and world impact us.

You can have a fantastic world but terrible characters and the book will be ruined. I was so lucky in this book that not only did I have a thrilling plot, but I also sad home of the best characters I've read in a while!

The Ruby Red Trilogy

One of the reasons that I don't like supernatural books, and this does have some supernaturalish aspects, is because the characters are usually so fake. They are in the world for maybe 2 days and BAM! They totally get it, fear nothing, understand all.

Nothing I can criticize. I like how Kerstin Gier expresses herself, her choice of words. For me it was a fast pacing read not least because of the writing style.

Simple but not trivial. I really really liked Ruby Red. It was an awesome read with epic as well as fantastic lines. Recommending it to everyone! She's always been able to see them; in fact, the Honorable James Augustus Peregrin Pympoole-Bothame, better known as James, at her school gets downright insulted when she doesn't say hi to him.

That's not the only way she's different from your average Hyde Park teenager, however. You see, her family has a time-travel gene that is only present in one girl of each generation, and only comes out in teen years. In Gwyneth's family, that person was always thought to be her cousin Charlotte, who has been groomed and trained for future time travel adventures her whole life.

Next to blond-haired, feminine Charlotte, Gwyneth feels almost ignored by her grandmother, Lady Arista, and her aunt, Charlotte's mother Glenda. Time travel is first presaged by a slight dizzy spell, and Charlotte has been feigning them for a little while. When Gwyneth starts to have a dizzy spell here and there, she doesn't tell her family, even though they worry her just a little bit, but on her way to the store for her Great-Aunt Maddy who is a wonderful character , she suddenly slips to another time.

Gwenny's best friend Lesley insists that she needs to tell her family, and when she does, the adventure begins.

She meets the other present time traveler, Gideon de Villiers, whose family also has the gene, and together, they are tasked with going to past travelers to collect a tiny bit of their blood to put in a chronograph, the original having been stolen by Paul de Villiers and Lucy, Gwyneth's "cousin".

You have a hot, aloof guy, an unconventional heroine who was not aware of her abilities, a wonderfully supportive bestie, a mysterious old Count who may or may not be able to read minds, and quite a bit of mystery that begins to be peeled away.

Emerald Green Kerstin Gier. Sapphire Blue Kerstin Gier.


Sapphire Blue Anthea Bell. Review quote "Humorous, romantic and suspenseful, the plot is fast-paced and impossible to put down. The final romantic cliffhanger will leave you thirsty for the next book in this 'jewel' of a series.

The gene was supposed to have skipped Gwen, but sneaks up on her unexpectedly in the middle of class one day and hurls her way back to the 18th century, where she meets an insufferable-turns-lovable time-traveling boy named Gideon.

Ruby Red trilogy

Both will leave readers anticipating the publication of the next installment, 'Sapphire Blue. Adventure, humor, and mystery all have satisfying roles here. There's something here for everyone. Bell's deft translation captures an engaging heroine with a cell phone and a sense of humor, an emerging romance and a complex, unresolved time-travel mystery spanning four centuries.

It's a fun, engaging read that will be an easy sell for teens wanting to time travel with a delightful narrator. It will mostly appeal to teenage girls who have a preference for reading romance.

Gier's characters and plotting are first-rate, creating an adventure that should leave readers eager for the rest of the trilogy.

Gwen, an outsider in her own family, is the perfect spunky, skeptical heroine. Superbly romantic, witty and--thank God--only the first part of this emotional time travel trilogy. Truly mesmerizing. Now the impatient waiting for Volume Two will start.

About Kerstin Gier Kerstin Gier is the bestselling author of the Ruby Red trilogy, as well as several popular novels for adults.

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She lives in Germany. Anthea Bell is the foremost translator of German literature in the world. And she thinks Ruby Red is just "charming"! Rating details. Our customer reviews I often read books, which are translated from english to german.Whitman held the Guardians at gunpoint and locked them in the chronograph room after the circle closed on the second chronograph, and plans to kill Gideon once he elapses back to the present in order to force Gwyneth to take her life.

No matter my confusion of what I think I have to know what happens.

So much fascinating culture that was lost. He has the perfect mix of sarcasm and charisma.

The three duel, but Paul is badly injured in his arm, and Gideon suddenly shows up, saving Paul, but not the documents about the family trees. Tina August 10, at 6:

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