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Fathul Qadeer Urdu Pdf Free Download, Rpondre en citant.. Intro Year First Fath ul Qadeer: Arabic Only By Imam Muhammad ash-Shawkani. Hardback 5. In 5 volumes, the tafsir work of al-Shawkani. the indexes are now included in the 5 volumes. Fath ul Qadeer: Arabic Only By Imam Muhammad ash-Shawkani Hardback 5 Volumes Set Publisher: Dar Al-Kotob Al-Ilmiyah (DKI), Beirut, Lebanon ISBN.

And for this very reason, an apostate female could be killed if she in fact instigates and causes war by her influence and armed force at her disposal.

Apostasy in Islam

She is not killed because of her apostasy, but for her creating disorder through war on earth. Some in Shafi'i fiqh such as Nawawi and al-Misri state that the apostasy code applies to a Muslim who a has understood and professed that "there is no God but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God" shahada , b knows the shariah necessarily known by all Muslims, c is of sound mind at the time of apostasy, d has reached or passed puberty, and e has consciously and deliberately rejected or consciously and deliberately intends to reject any part or all of Quran or of Islam Sharia.

At a human rights conference at Mofid University in Qom , Araki stated that "if an individual doubts Islam, he does not become the subject of punishment, but if the doubt is openly expressed, this is not permissible. Miller introduced the term 'Muslim-background believers' MBBs to encompass both groups, adding that the latter group are generally regarded as apostates from Islam, but orthodox Muslims' opinions on the former group is more mixed either that 'Muslim followers of Jesus' are ' heterodox Muslims', ' heretical Muslims' or ' crypto-Christian liars'.

If he does not regret, he will be killed according to rights and obligations of the Islamic law. A female apostate must be either executed, according to Shafi'i, Maliki, and Hanbali schools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence fiqh , or imprisoned until she reverts to Islam as advocated by the Sunni Hanafi school and by Shi'a scholars.

Apostates who are men must be killed, states the Hanafi Sunni fiqh, while women must be held in solitary confinement and beaten every three days till they recant and return to Islam. Both men and women apostates deserve death penalty according to the traditional view of Sunni Maliki fiqh.

After the wait, execution is the traditional recommended punishment for both men and women apostates. Execution is traditional recommended punishment for both genders of Muslim apostates.

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Male apostates must be executed, states the Jafari fiqh, while a female apostate must be held in solitary confinement till she repents and returns to Islam. This principle was upheld "even in extreme situations", such as when an offender adopts Islam "only for fear of death", based on the hadith that Muhammad had upbraided a follower for killing a raider who had uttered the shahada.

In case the apostate is not executed, such as in case of women apostates in Hanafi school, the person also loses all inheritance rights. The Hanafi jurist Sarakhsi also called for different punishments between the non-seditious religious apostasy and that of seditious and political nature, or high treason. Abu Hanifa and his followers refused the death penalty for female apostates, supporting imprisonment until they re-embrace Islam. Hanafi scholars maintain that a female apostate should not be killed because it was forbidden to kill women under Sharia.

He wrote, "Apostasy is not what gets one killed. Arabic Only, 5 Vol.

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Sharah Fathul Qadeer Vol.-i

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Tughra Books USA.Asal Jet Somaliland. For example, here the phrase "one who reverts from Islam and leaves the Muslims" is changed to "one who goes forth to fight Allah and His Apostle": Allah's Apostle said, "The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am His Apostle, cannot be shed except in three cases: In Qisas for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam apostate and leaves the Muslims.

Hussein A. Abu Hanifa and his followers refused the death penalty for female apostates, supporting imprisonment until they re-embrace Islam. Diini Dahlan, al-Sayyid Ahmed b. Maktabat Dar al-Fajri Syria. In his he relies on transmission based tafseer.

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