The Z Factor (Hindi) (Hindi) Paperback – 29 Sep About the Author-The biography is co-authored by Subash Chandra and Pranjal Sharma. Subash Chandra, born on 30th November, , is an Indian businessman who is the chairman of the prestigious Zee TV, Essel Group. Now in Hindi: An inspiration-Subhash Chandra had a humble beginning as The Z Factor (Hindi) and millions of other books are available for site site. Description. ध Z फैक्टर - सुभाष चंद्रा. The Z Factor (Hindi Translation) By Subhash Chandra. सुभाष चंद्रा,एस्सेल/जी समूह के संस्थापक,एक.

The Z Factor Book In Hindi

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Results for the z factor in hindi pdf. 1. (Terms and Conditions of Tariff) Regulations - Maharashtra Feb 4, (62) “Z-factor Charge” is the charge. Building on the stellar success of his autobiography 'The Z Factor', Dr. Subhash Chandra, Wednesday, launched the Hindi version of the book. The Z Factor, published by Harper Collins is a candid memoir of Shri Subhash Chandra. His inspiring journey from a young entrepreneur to a Rajya Sabha.

His most striking feature is that he never hides behind his words. It was on my recommendation that he stepped into the infrastructure sector. However, for one road project, I felt that he would lose Rs.

He then told me that once I have put my hand into a project, I will see it into completion, whether or not there is any loss. And with this resolve and determination, Dr. Chandra has completed more than kilometres of road projects in the country over the years.

It is a miracle that Subhashji came to Delhi with only Rs.

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The most important aspect of his life is that he is never scared of challenges, he faces all the problems with full determination. Each youth and Marathi person must read his autobiography. Abraham Lincoln.

Henry Troyat. Shaikh Saadi: Ram Saxena. Satya Ke Prayog.

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Nagendra Niraj Dr. But no matter. The undertow of self-entitlement in his words often translates into a sense of martyrdom and outrage. Many have cheated him. He did no one wrong. The few times he did, it was strategy. In business, strategy is forgiven, because profits are the goal. Unfortunately, these morally ambivalent qualities fattening his bottom lines also flatten his attempts at putting it all down in words.

The Z Factor (Hindi)

Mr Chandra has a very convenient, self-rationalising way of looking at reality. He is one of the richest men in India. And unlike most other billionaires, Mr Chandra has made all his fortune in his own lifetime. He is a first generation entrepreneur, and a fully embedded one at that.

For instance, he talks of having imported a mobile caravan from England and staying in it for months while he built the Essel entertainment park in Bombay.

These are admirable qualities in a businessman, and Mr Chandra fairly bursts with enthusiasm for these himself. But the real story is all in what Mr Chandra has not said.

Truth is the first condition for biographies. When Nirad C Chaudhury or Mahatma Gandhi write about themselves, you see the forging of their souls in the smithy of their struggles.

Most of his life, he has spent in outwitting every one. This, of course, has to be. But to write about it with a sense of degrees is beyond his rudimentary writing capabilities. Is that the purpose of autobiography? Neither does he. In his book as in his real life, Mr Chandra eludes himself.

When, for example, he has a falling out with his spiritual guru, he says he wept. It comes across just as a word.

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Mr Chandra wept. It takes a lot for someone like Mr Chandra to weep. But the complex process of his tears acquiring the salts of his life is not emotively clear. For sure, the real Chandra is around somewhere in these pages, in the white space between words, perhaps. Or in the narrow margins. A man of tumultuous passions, generosity, greed, impulsiveness and ambition.

Essel Group pays tribute to India’s official language, Hindi

The smell is there, just about. Like stale fragrance rising from a dress.Finally, at high temperature K , Z is above unity at all pressures.

Read: Police charge sheet Zee boss, two editors In chapter after chapter Mr Chandra sees himself as an astute judge of people and situations — with a few exceptions, of course. A Peep into the Past: Apart from your own read, this is one of the finest biographies to gift your near and dear ones of all age group and this will surely help students.

Mr Chandra passes over these violent eruptions, which might appear to a neutral observer as an excess of abuse of his powers. Shaikh Saadi:

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